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Amazon Smile and Swagbucks: Two New Ways to Stretch Your Money

I recently discovered two very good ways to stretch your money. They are two different websites: one enables you to donate to your non-profit of choice at no cost to you and the other allows you to earn points toward gift cards while searching the internet. How good is that!

Amazon Smile

Amazon Smile is the same Amazon we all know and use, but if you designate a non-profit of your choice through and make your purchases through that portal, Amazon will give .5% of the purchase price from your eligible AmazonSmile purchases to your chosen charity. Everything else about your Amazon account is the same.

For instance, my husband and I are missionaries with Xtend Ministries International ( and this is what he recently posted regarding Amazon Smile:

This is a new way you can help us spread the gospel among the nations. It’s the same Amazon you are used to but when you enter through this portal and designate Xtend Ministries International as your charity your purchases will result in support of XMI with no cost to you. Thank you for participating and for helping to declare God’s glory among the nations.

If you do not already have a non-profit you would like to contribute to, we would appreciate your indicating Xtend Ministries International as your non-profit. It only takes a few seconds.


I do a lot of internet searches for information related to my writing as well as just general information. I discovered┬árecently. If you search through their portal (they use the Yahoo search engine), you can earn points toward various gift cards. There are other ways to earn points as well, but I don’t take time to do surveys, etc. I just have that site as one of my favorites and use it each time I want to do a search.

For instance, the money images below were obtained through a search on for public domain images of money.

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