About StretchMoney

This website has been created to provide hints on how to stretch money. Times are tough. We all need to help each other.

Please contact me if you have a website, a blog, or some money stretching ideas that I can share with others.

My new book, “Money: How to Be Rich Without It and How to Stretch It Using Ten Hints from the Past and the Technology of Today” is available on http://www.amazon.com and https://www.smashwords.com/view/221060

Here is a short preview:

“Money is often on my mind. Chances are it is on your mind, too. Whether we have a lot of it, just enough of it, not much of it or none at all, money is on our minds.” This is how my new book – Money: How to Be Rich Without It and How to Stretch It Using Ten Hints from the Past and the Technology of Today – begins.

The reason for the long subtitle is identified in the introduction:

“There is a reason for the lengthy subtitle of this book. Since your perception of riches has a great deal with how you approach your handling of money, the best starting place is Money, How to Rich Without It.  In this book, I talk about millionaires who don’t fit the profile you would normally expect as well as some people I know who are rich beyond description although they don’t have any money. In these two extremes, I found a common denominator: the right attitude toward money.

Some of us have giggled a little at those we know who never threw anything away because they lived through the Great Depression or wondered at the stories told from even further back in time of our ancestors scrimping to make ends meet.

Hopefully you will never have to make a mattress out of pine nettles or repair your shoes with cardboard, but perhaps it’s time to rethink the wisdom of those who have gone before us. A miserly attitude is not the answer, but because they survived during some very rough times, maybe their advice is worth another look, thus the reason for a look at Money: How to Stretch It Using 10 Hints from the Past.

We do, however, live in the 21st century and have advantages that our ancestors could not have even dreamed of, thus the addition of and the Technology of Today. Appendix 1 has an abundance of websites and resources that will help you stretch your dollars.”

Written from a Christian perspective, there is also an overview of what the Bible says about money.

Under the “Sample Chapter” and “What the Bible Says About Money” tabs, there are excerpts from the book.

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