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Thankful for Some I Have Never Met

I have been so blessed with a great family and precious friends from practically every corner of the world. I am thankful for all of them. However, I have reflected lately how thankful I am for many people I have never met and probably won’t meet this side of Heaven.

Instead of keeping magazine subscriptions for home improvement, decorating, cooking or other subjects I am interested in, I have turned instead to the world wide web and the many people who are willing to share their ideas and expertise just because they are interested in helping other people. I am very thankful for them.

423px-Good_housekeeping_1908_08_aWhen I have time to relax, I go to Pinterest or to some of the blogs I follow. I do not spend all day on these sites and I resist letting myself getting carried away by chasing rabbits from one blog to another. I do, however, treat these just like I used to treat my magazine subscriptions. Since I follow so many blogs, I often just scroll through my emails and delete most of the posts. There are times, though, something catches my eye and I spend a moment or two on the site. I always learn something. I have discovered there are many, many people just like me – who want to stretch their money and be good stewards of all the resources God has given us. Recently someone shared what gifts her sons really use and I received some great gift ideas for Christmas. I follow some blogs that are specifically Christian – often the scripture they share was just what I needed that day.

The possibility that the ones who have helped me will read this is slim. I still want to voice my thanks for people who are willing to share with others – especially when they don’t expect to get anything in return.

I also love good quotes and wanted to share this one from a daily email I subscribe to:

Only when the last tree has been felled, the last river poisoned and the last fish caught, man will know, that he cannot eat money. –

Old Indian Chief somewhere in the U.S.

I thank God for all of you who share.