Flowers to Enjoy

Practically everyone loves flowers. I know I do. I particularly like flowers that are growing in my garden. Their life span may be short, but it doesn’t matter. They can bring a smile to my face and brighten up an otherwise ordinary room when brought inside.

We can send flowers to loved ones – sometimes the cost is worth it. It is not necessary to spend a lot of money, however, to surround yourself with flowers. When you place a printed picture of a beautiful flower in a plain frame, that is enough. The flower is the centerpiece.

As I travel, I cannot resist the temptation to take pictures of the local flowers. I enjoy looking at them and thought that you might as well. Feel free to print these and enjoy.That way spring can last all year long!

Kuykenhof and Delft, Holland May 2004 087 Visit to Okinawa, Dec. '06 149 Visit to Okinawa, Dec. '06 132 Visit to Okinawa, Dec. '06 134Picture 1519 Picture 120 IMG_3019 Family Vacation April May 2002 141 Kuykenhof and Delft, Holland May 2004 074 Visit to Okinawa, Dec. '06 144 Visit to Okinawa, Dec. '06 133


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