Holiday Fun

easter-eggclipart-tn-3 Practically everyone loves to have special decorations around holidays. If you look at the calendar and anticipate New Year’s Day, Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, Easter, Mother’s Day, Memorial Day, Father’s Day, Independence Day in America (July 4), Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas, you can see just a few of the reasons why you could easily go broke purchasing special decorations for each holiday.

There is no reason to spend much extra money on decorations, however, as there are often deep, deep discounts right after the holiday on decorations. All you have to do is remember where you store those bargain decorations from year to year. The easier and cheaper thing to do, though, is to just add something extra to decorations you already have around the house.

For instance, in many countries they decorate just as much for Easter as they do for Christmas. Willow branches which a4th-of-july-clipart-tn-2re blooming at that time of year are placed in large vases or umbrella stands or any other tall container you have and colored ribbons are weaved throughout the branches. Or …decorated blown eggs are hung from branches of trees put in those same types of containers. You can spend tons of money on beautiful eggs or you can make them yourself. Or better still, include your children in the process.

I usfree-thanksgiving-pictures-6-tned to dress up my sons’ large Raggedy Andy dolls and place them on chairs outside the door at Halloween time. No expense – but it was an invitation to trick-or-treaters.

I have a friend who used to cover every one of her pictures hung throughout her house with Christmas wrap at Christmas time. She tied a ribbon around them and the entire house was decorated. Small expenditure – big impact.

I love to collect acorns, pinecones, etc. when I walk and place them in baskets I already have for use in the fall and through the Christmas season. No expense – just planning.

Magazines often have lots of hints in how to decorate for an upcoming holiday. You don’t need to subscribe to the magazine. Check out their website online and search for the holiday you’re interested in.

As usual, you can save lots of money by doing things yourself and have lots of fun in the process.


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