Frugal Gardening

Gardening can be a very expensive hobby – or it can be fun and frugal.

It seems the more money I spend on a plant, the less likely it is to last. The things that have taken off in my garden are usually cuttings I have gotten from neighbors and friends – not plants purchased from the garden center.

Recently I bought plants for one of my window boxes. They drowned in the short rainy season that we had. The plants I transplanted in the other window box are still thriving.

When flowers or bushes have overgrown into the grass, I will often transplant them into a pot. Of all the planters in my yard (there are several), there is only one that has a plant in it that I purchased (and it is not doing well).

If you love a garden as I do, don’t worry if you don’t have a lot of money to spend. Ask neighbors and friends to let you know if they are cutting back their plants. An offer to help them would probably be appreciated. Transplant your own flowers into other areas or into planters and you will be able to multiple their beauty.


You no longer have to buy expensive gardening books to learn more about gardening either. There are many resources online – blogs as well as free books. Just do a search for free gardening E-books.

If you use Pinterest, you can find lots of container ideas – old purses, shoes – the possibilities  are endless. Before you discard something old or outgrown, consider the possibility of using it for a planter. For instance, I had a ceramic tissue holder I was not using – turned it upside down, put rocks in the bottom and used it as a planter.

Creativity – not money – is the way to enjoy gardening!



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