Safely Store Valuables at No Cost

Do you need a place to store valuables but don’t have money for a safe? I have noticed there are quite a few fake storage containers for sale online. These are hollowed out books, vegetable and pet food cans and any other number of items. I even saw sneakers made with hollowed out soles so that you can put items in them.

None of these would protect against fire damage, but they would possibly be an item that a burglar would not notice. When thieves are in your home, they will want to get in and out quickly grabbing items of value that they can see.

KINDLE_CAMERA_1396352432000 (1)You can easily store cash, coins, jewelry and other valuables in items you have around the house. You can hollow out the insides of an old book yourself.  A family photo album that has insert pages can be used to hide paper valuables if you put the paper between two of the sheets and glue the top together. Coins and paper can be hidden behind a clock face. Spice jars, once empty, can hold valuables in ziplock bags and more of the same spice can be placed on top. Even things stored in the refrigerator such as raisin containers, parmesan cheese containers, etc. can be used the same way. If you have an old pair of sneakers – the older and smellier the better (they would certainly deter thieves), you can place money in the sneaker underneath the insole.

The most important thing to remember if you decide to store your valuables in any of these hiding places is not to throw the item away!!


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