Best Time to Bargain

Twice a year (September and March) there is an Antique Alley event in Texas where I live. This covers miles of country highway where people rent spaces to sell their wares – a mixture of craft items, garage sale equivalents and antique items.

This year a friend and I spent a day and a half shopping this event and between us spent less than $30 – coming away with quite a few treasures.

One of the biggest hints I received from the founder of this event is to return to your favorite spots at the end of the last day. People are then often marking down their items to half price. In my case I came away with an item for $1 which had originally been marked $6 and even found a spot where one vendor pointed out that another one had already packed up and left items behind on the ground that were free. 

This is also the case with garage or yard sales. At the end of the last day, people holding the sale are ready to get rid of the items and will often take just about any offer. They do not want to store them again and if you buy the item, they don’t have to haul it off to the local Salvation Army or Goodwill. Of course, if it is something you really want, you shouldn’t wait until the end of the sale because someone else might pick it up. If you are just shopping for fun, though, and want to add some decorative items to your home, waiting can really reap rewards.

These are some plates I picked up free!



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