How Did They Do It?

Having to stretch your dollar to make ends meet is not a new thing. Many of our forefathers have had to do the same thing. They did it without complaint and with great ingenuity. I discovered this while writing my book Money: How to Be Rich Without It and How to Stretch It Using Ten Hints from the Past and the Technology of Today which can be ordered in either paperback or kindle at

If you still have grandparents who lived through the Great Depression, you might consider interviewing them about how they made ends meet. Many of them will not volunteer the information because they are not sure you are interested, but they would probably be glad to share if you ask them. 


This is a short excerpt from my book on Lessons Gleaned from the Depression:


No matter what the period of time you live in, some who can give lessons from history are still alive. Interviewing grandparents and others who have seen things from a different perspective than you have can sometimes shed light on why things are the way they are in your current situation.

Sometimes lessons from our elders must be coaxed from them. The effort is worth it. Contributions of those who did what they could with what they had and kept their values intact are worth listening to.

Many lived through hard times, sometimes barely making it, but working hard at making life as pleasant as possible for those they loved. 

An incredible collection of true stories from those who lives through the Depression, We Had Everything but Money: Priceless Memories of the Great Depression…from strong people who tell in their own words what it was like when banks closed and hearts opened, was published by Reiman Publications in 1992.

The prologue’s summary is “much of what we recall about the Great Depression isn’t depressing…and our parents deserve credit for that.”


Take time to take to your grandparents while you can. I wish I had.


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