More Recipes from the Past to Stretch Your Money

ImageMy husband’s mother passed on a cookbook to me that her mother had given to her. Holland’s Cook Book published by the Texas Farm and Ranch Publishing Co. in 1923 had not only some good recipes, but some interesting notes about the habits of that time. Included in the book were the following: Home Catering for Bridal Affairs, Home Laundry, Household Hints, Invalid Cookery and Kitchen Hints.

Here are the book’s hints for using left-overs and hashes. Please note that the people in that day were not concerned about too much fat and carbohydrates. They worked too hard to worry about those things!

Leftovers and Hashes

“Under this head are included recipes for mincing and re-warming in an appetizing manner, cold meat of all kinds, fish, etc. This minced meat is usually combined with vegetables, or bread, either in crumbs, or toasted slices, and forms a series of dishes, both economical and agreeable to the palate.

BACON BERGERS – Make any number of biscuits that you wish, extra size, fry as many slices of bacon as you have biscuits, then take a good-size onion and slice round and thick enough to hold together,  put in bacon fat, let stay long enough to get hot through. Take biscuits and cut open, spread prepared mustard on either side, then a slice a bacon, onion and pickle to each biscuit. Serve hot.

BAKED HASH – Try this way of utilizing the left-over meat from a roast or stew: Line a buttered baking dish with mashed potatoes. Season the chopped cold meat with salt and pepper, add butter, a little chopped onion and also the left-over gravy. Pour in the baking-dish and cover over with more of the mashed potatoes. Bake until lightly browned.”

Other recipes from this chapter include baked tamales, cereal cups, chili stew, chop suey, cold bacon and eggs, cottage pie, creamed veal or chicken, cottage pie, creamed veal or chicken, ham loaf, leftover navy beans, leftover stew, meat cakes, meat pie, meat and rice loaf, meat turnovers, meat and vegetables, mock brains with eggs, mock sparrows, peanut mock meat, potato balls, potato cakes with meat, quick hash, scraps of pie crust, scrambled sausages, spanish stew, spiced hash, surprise potatoes, and vegetable sausages.

If you would like for me to post the details on any of these recipes, leave a message in the comment section and I will include them in a future post.


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