Stretch Your Money and Help Your Friends Stretch Their Money

As I was cleaning out a flower bed this morning, I reflected on how much others have helped supply something to include in my garden. It is the same inside my home. I smile as I use a dish or another item remembering the family member or friend who gave it to me. As my husband helps me wash dishes, he often laughs as I recite where the dish came from. A good portion of things that I enjoy came from others.

As you think about ways to stretch your own resources, be on the lookout for what you can do to help others stretch their money. When you are cleaning out your flower bed, can you share some of your plants with a friend or neighbor instead of throwing them away? If you have a vegetable garden, do you have enough to share? Do you have something you are not using that someone else could enjoy?

ImageIn my garden, a large section of wandering jew came from a cutting from a neighbor. An adorable angel was a gift from another neighbor. This summer, yet another neighbor shared squash, peppers and tomatoes from her garden. Another friend – who has a beautiful garden – culls out her bulbs at the end of each summer and lets me have some. Image

What can you share with someone you love?


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