Some Junk Mail is Not Junk


A “No Junkmail” sticker on a mailbox in Calgary, Canada

Many people are doing all they can to get rid of advertising mail or “junk” mail – in their curbside mailbox and in their email. With the advent of spammers and loads of people trying to sell something, that is understandable.

However, I welcome what others throw away because somewhere in that pile of advertisements I often discover something I need – at a discount.

I go through every piece of advertising mail sent to my curbside mailbox. Most of it I toss, but if there are coupons I might use or a sale on an item that I need, that piece goes into my handbag so I can have it when and if I need it. If I stick it in a drawer at home, I will most likely forget it so I keep it in my purse until I use it or the offer expires.

The same is true with my email inbox. Most of what I receive I delete. I have signed up for a multitude of retail newsletters because they often send coupons and special offers for customers who receive their newsletters. I might get $5 off a $25 purchase, a $3 thank you coupon, and any other number of offers that are worthwhile. I am careful to never use the coupon just because it is offered, but when I need the item advertised, it is great to get the discount.


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