Save Money by Returning Things You Don’t Use – Including Food!

Being a frugal person, I often return merchandise to the store when I find that I didn’t really need it. Maybe I found something at home that served the purpose, perhaps I bought one too many of a product – there are many reasons to return merchandise. Most stores are great about taking something back if you have the receipt and the original packaging.

ImageWhat was a surprise to me was when a friend told me she returns food to the grocery store when it is not what she expected. This, for her, was especially true of fruit.

I cannot count the times I have purchased grapes, cantaloupe or some type of melon that was not edible when I got it home. Sometimes they are too sour. Some fruit will not ripen enough to eat. Some in bags have bad parts which make them inedible.


From now on, I will be following my friend’s example. If we are not going to eat the fruit, I am going to take it back to the store and get my money back! 



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