Soap, Savings and Searching for History

ImageI love the Victorian age. There is an elegance about that period of history. Even without central air conditioning, heating or sophisticated plumbing systems, people living in that time did what they could to be presentable and pleasant.

In 1872, Colgate introduced the first milled perfumed toilet soap – Cashmere Bouquet. At that time, it was a fashion and luxury item. ImageToday, it is sometimes found as a hotel soap.

I recently found this soap on clearance at one of my local dollar stores. Even better than that, for two days, the clearance items were marked 50% off the clearance price. I remembered Cashmere Bouquet soap from years ago – the lovely smell and the ladies who were devoted to this particular brand of soap.

I purchased one bar, went home and did some research. After reading reviews and the history of Cashmere Bouquet, I went back and bought the rest of the soap. It has become rather scarce, so I don’t know when I will find it again.

The reviews were interesting. I was surprised to find out how many men were looking for a place to buy it because it cleans grease even better than some of the other soaps that are supposed to do that. Many of the comments I read were from people who remembered their grandparents or parents using that soap not only as a bath soap but like sachet in linen cabinets, etc. to keep linens and garments smelling fresh.

When you can make a purchase that brings out memories and interesting information, it just adds to the delight. Plus…it was a terrific bargain. My soap bars cost me 15 cents each!



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