My Favorite Discount Stores


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Everywhere I go, I search out the stores with the best bargains. In Europe, these are the Hofer (Aldi in the U.S.), Lidl and the PennyMart. All of these stores have great prices on food and also have a center aisle with special offers in housing items, clothing, etc. I have gotten some terrific deals in these stores on gifts and food.

Aldi stores are now coming to the U.S. If I am anywhere close to one, I love to shop there because I can get great prices on grocery items. The fresh fruits and vegetables are every bit as good as those in the major supermarkets. Frozen foods – there is often a great variety – are often much cheaper as well. The Aldi where I shop has a standard low price on their milk and eggs – considerably lower than other stores.

My favorite place to shop for clothing, household items and gifts is Burke’s Outlet. They can stock high-end name brands for a fraction of the cost of other stores. Once a month, they rotate their “dots” which give a high percentage off of their already low prices.  Image

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