Stretch Your Budget and Make Your Own Yogurt

A dear friend of mine shared a recipe that she has used for years to make her own yogurt. There is very little cost. It is much better for you than store bought as you can leave it plain or regulate the amount of sweetener you want to add. Honey is a good choice. When you serve it, you can also add fruit, granola or sweetener.

Thanks, Charlene!

1 gallon (or however much you want) of regular fresh milk
1 small ctn. of plain yogurt without fruit or additives
  • Heat the milk until it almost begins to boil (see a few small bubbles) then remove from the stove
  • Allow the milk to cool at least to luke warm
  • Vigorously stir the plain yogurt into the milk
  • Put in a warm place or on a warming pad and allow to sit for several hours.
  • Then place your yogurt into the refrigerator to be used as desired.
Comments: We usually prepare the yogurt and place it on a warming pad before going to bed. Early the next morning, the yogurt is ready.
Milk is comprised of healthy, nourishing bacteria. When you heat the milk almost to boiling, all of the milk bacteria are killed. After the milk cools, you can then insert the yogurt culture which begins to multiply, thus forming good, fresh yogurt.

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