Your Best Money Saver Yet – Your Time

If you make the best use of your time, it can be your most important money saver. Why? The less time you spend on routine chores, the more time you will have for your job, your hobbies, your errands or other things that might bring in money or stretch your money.

One of the most efficient time savers is never giving in to procrastination. In other words, do things as they are needed. For instance:

When you get your mail, deal with it immediately. Put the junk mail in the trash and other pieces where they belong (bills in a bill folder, coupons in your wallet, etc.)

If possible, answer your emails when you receive them. Put important emails in folders instead of letting your inbox become so full you cannot find them.

When the laundry is done, fold it right then and put it up.

When dinner is over, take the few minutes to load the dishwasher or do the dishes by hand (if you don’t have a dishwasher) and don’t allow them to pile up.

Make your bed when you first get out of it (unless you get up early and leave someone else there. In that case, maybe you can persuade the last person out of bed to make it up!)

Even minor chores can pile up: When you use the last paper towel, put a new roll on your holder right then. When the toilet paper roll is gone, put a new roll on before you leave the bathroom. Wipe down the sink every time you use it (just as suggested on airplanes). Fill your soap dispenser as soon as you notice it is getting low. If you have a two story house, take something with you that belongs upstairs when you are going that way. Even in a one story house, make a habit of taking something with you that belongs in the next room.

Do you need to send a birthday, thank you or get well card? Do it when you think of it. I have a basket full of cards that is my source for this project. That way I seldom have to go to the store to purchase a single card.Image

When that nagging thought, “Someday I need to…” hits you, if it is at all possible, do it then.  You’ll be glad you did and have more time to spare to do other things.


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