Surprising Money and Time Savers in the Kitchen

I live in two worlds – a modern one where I own a nice blender, food processor, mixer and juicer – and an older one where I often use the small hand tools I remember my grandmother using.

I love to collect the kitchen tools of days gone by, but lately I have made a discovery. Sometimes using those instead of the big, heavy modern appliances save me both time and money.


Since I often am cooking for just two and not a big crowd, instead of bringing the large appliances out of the cabinets – or cupboards as my grandmother used to call them – I use the small hand tools instead. When grating a little cheese, it takes just a few seconds and a little clean up to use my hand cheese grater. When needing to whip up a small amount of cream, the old fashioned hand mixer works well and is easy to clean as well. When I want just two glasses of orange juice, the sweet little glass juicer I acquired from my dad does a beautiful job.

No electricity used, job done quickly and sweet memories besides. What could be better than that?




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