Pay Attention to Cashiers and Store Receipts

I try to save money wherever and whenever I can. Occasionally, I have come home from a shopping trip to discover that the discount I thought I was getting at the store did not Imageappear on my receipt. There have been a few times where I trotted back to the store with the item and the receipt to receive the expected discount. There have been other times, however, when I totally lost out because it was not worth the trip back to the store to get the refund. To me, that is not an “oh, well.” That has become a lesson learned.

I no longer wait until I get home to check my receipts. In fact, I watch the cashier as closely as I can to ensure that the prices I am expecting show up on the register. Sometimes that is harder than others as the cashier might be fairly quick. I make it a habit to always look at my receipt before I leave the store.

A good example was a day recently when I had several errands to run that resulted in four stops to retail stores. In three out of the four stops, there were errors.

One was that the cashier accounted for one coupon I handed him, but didn’t even look at the coupon underneath. That was a $2 mistake. I told him about it and he corrected it.

Another instance the store had placed a sign in front of the soup aisle with a special on all soup cans of one brand originally marked $1.30 now marked $1. The discount did not show up on the register as the cashier checked me out. I told her about it, she checked it out
and gave me the discount on the three cans of soup I purchased.


The last store I went to – a grocery store – had in house coupons that I used. One of the coupons was for $1, another was for free oatmeal if you purchased a certain kind of cereal. The price on the oatmeal was $2.40, but showed up as $1 on the register. Again, I caught it and the cashier changed it for me.Not all mistakes are intentional, of course, as I have discovered many sale items have not been entered into the store’s system. If you don’t notice it, you could wind up paying much more than you intended.

I have to be especially careful when I shop at my favorite outlet store. They use a color system with a percentage discount. The discounts posted are not always correct on the items themselves. I often have to ask the cashier to take something off my tally if the discount was not as much as I expected.

It is worth the effort to pay attention to cashiers and receipts so that you are actually paying what you intended to pay. Every penny counts.


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