My Grandmother’s Definition of Prosperity

One of the fascinating discoveries I made going through my husband’s parents’ (and their parents’) belongings is little notes stuck here and there. His missionary grandmother had lots of Bibles and left notes in some of them. Her definition of prosperity – on a notecard found in one of her Bibles, which might have been her notes on a sermon –  is below.

ImageProsperity Principle

1. God owns everything  – 1 Corinthians 29: 10-12

2. God is every thing – power, glory, victory, majesty – verse 11

3. God gives every thing – strength to all belongs to His people – verse 12. God wants everything in circulation.

4. God wants us to give in order to get – “Give and it shall be given”

5. God wants us to live and give by faith. Operate by faith. 

Her life was proof that she believed this. She had very little, gave away what little she did have but was one of the richest women I have ever known. 



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