Investigate Your Family History for Free

I have recently become very interested in family trees. After the last of our parents died, my husband and I realized that we did not know all the people in our family trees, their stories, who served in the wars and where and where our ancestors came from in Europe or where they settled when they came to America. There are few in our remaining families who could make the connections for us, so if we wanted to gain the knowledge of our ancestors, we would have to do the research ourselves.

I recently had a few days that I could spend on such research. Although there are several websites online that offer the ability to dig back into your family tree, I found to be the most helpful. I took advantage of their free two week trial and was amazed at the information on their site.


It is really easy to navigate this website. They walk you through the process. You begin with a name – your own or an ancestor and discover hints that appear by the name (a leaf will pop up on the right hand side if there are any hints). There are multitudes of public family trees – some of which may be related to your family – that contain a lot of information including pictures of the person, gravesite, etc. You gain access to public records such as census and voter records, birth, marriage and death records, military records, immigration and travel records and much more.

If you are all interested in your family tree, I recommend using this site. If you don’t want to be charged (you need to give credit card information for the trial), you do need to remember to cancel before the end of the two weeks.

This is something I am very glad I did and am grateful to for the free two week trial. Since I had some time on my hands, I did exhaust all the avenues for my ancestors. The research was well worth the reward of discovery.


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