Everyone Loves to Receive Greetings from Loved Ones

I am very happy to live in a time where sending a greeting to a friend or a loved one is so easy. I still love to send and receive greetings the old fashioned way – through what is now called snail mail. There is something about opening the card that is addressed just for me and know that the sender thought enough of me to pick out a card, sign it – many times with a personal message – stamp it, and put it in the mailbox.

A few years ago, my father went to be with the Lord. This year my father-in-law joined him. Both of these men had a special gift for choosing a special birthday card for me. I always knew when I received them that Dad and Pop had stood in front of a rack of cards and carefully chosen one just for me.  It always brought a smile to my face when I got them because those men loved me and showed it in many ways. One of those ways was the mailing of my birthday cards. Neither of them would have ever sent me an e-card although Pop did own a computer and had learned to navigate the web a little. It was more personal for him to go down to the store and purchase a card.

Not only do I like to receive cards, but I love to send them. Since many of my friends and sometimes my family reside in other countries, I do take advantage of e-cards – the free ones offered by Christian suppliers. I am grateful for the ability to tell someone I love them immediately the electronic way or the old fashioned way through the postal service. Sending cards and greetings through the mail is still very inexpensive. Online it can be completely free. Both methods make the same statement: “I am thinking about you.”Image


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