Save Time and Money by Having a Backup Plan

ImageRecently the inability to connect to the internet – twice in two weeks (once for several days) – caused me to realize how much I take that for granted. Last year, when my old computer fell and broke, I was very concerned about whether I could recover the information on the hard drive to place onto a new computer. Thankfully, all of those issues were resolved, but they revealed a modern problem: we need a backup plan in case we lose our internet service or the information on our computer. Reminders to back your work up on your computer are everywhere, but what if your electronic back up is also destroyed? What if you lose power for a sustained period? Do you have another back up plan?

Loss of power can occur for many reasons and it is wise to be prepared for anything. Losing your information can cost you valuable time and money to replace. Consider:

  • If you have no access to the internet and/or your computer is not working, resort to old-fashioned pen and paper. Make notes that can be transferred later to your documents or spreadsheets. Instead of losing your train of thought for your project, continue to work by jotting down ideas you can expand later when power is restored.
  • A well stocked disaster kit is essential when the possibility of a storm is coming your way, but those kits are designed for the bare essentials. If you lose power because of a hurricane, tornado, flood, etc. even your electronic backups may be lost. To insure that you do not have to recreate some important documents, one safeguard would be to ask a trusted family member – one who does not live with you – to store information for you. You might email documents to that family member or put them on a disc and mail them for safekeeping. 

Thinking ahead can help take the stress out of a situation that can occur any time, anywhere to anybody.


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