Save Money by Using Unique Wrapping Paper

It is not necessary to add to the cost of gifts by buying expensive wrapping paper. In fact, if you are creative, sometimes a unique wrapping paper can be quite a conversation starter.


Since my husband is a pilot, we have a stack of out-of-date sectional charts. For years, this has been our signature wrapping paper. I even try to use a chart that has some significance to the present, if I can. It has been surprising how appropriate that has been. 

These charts are very colorful. They are usually large enough to cover any package I need to wrap, but if they aren’t, it is easy enough to combine two with tape. You can hardly tell where one ends and the other begins. 

When packages are wrapped with these sectional charts, often the receiver studies the chart before he or she opens the present. I love this wrapping paper.

Others have used a variety of other items to make clever wrapping paper.

Sunday comics make great wrapping paper. Again, they are colorful and large. These are not as plentiful as they used to be, so it is worth saving them when you get them.

I have actually used remnant wallpaper in the past. That makes lovely wrapping paper.

Old out-of-date calendars can be saved for wrapping paper, especially the large calendars with beautiful landscapes. You can certainly personalize a present if you have calendar pages that fit the person you are giving the gift to – such as dog calendar pages for a dog lover, flower calendar pages for a gardener, etc.

I often buy single cloth napkins that are on clearance. Wrapping a gift with one of these and tying with ribbon really creates a lovely package. 

Some creative people have taken paper grocery bags and colored them or added decorations to them and wrapped presents with them.

For a small package, simply do a search online for printing free wrapping paper. There are many choices. All you need is your computer, paper and a printer.

Some stores give you beautiful bags to carry your purchases in. Many of these can be converted to wrapping paper.

This can be a very fun project for every member of your family when wrapping gifts. 


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