Recycling – Every Penny Counts

A few months ago, my husband and I were cleaning out some items that had been dumped on a piece of land that we bought. During the years that the land had been vacant, people had taken it upon themselves to dump their washing machines, air conditioners, old refrigerators, etc. Although it was a chore to take these items to the local scrap medal dealer, I was pleasantly surprised that we received a bit more than pocket change for our trouble.

This was the same center where people take their empty drink aluminum cans – such as Coke, Sprite, etc. What I did not consider was that they would also take all the medal cans that I empty in my kitchen – such as soup, vegetables, tomatoes, etc. As long as they are rinsed out, my local center will pay me to recycle those.Image

Not every center will do the same, but if you have a scrap medal site close to your house, it may be worth a phone call to see if they take your empty cans. Mine will pay 9 cents a pound. That’s not much to be sure, but these days every penny counts!


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